Our team of builders has been making better homes, properties and buildings for years in and around Bolton. While we have done so, we’ve built a loyal group of customers and clients who continuously use us for more work and sing our praises in the area! While we started our work in Manchester, we now provide our building services all over north-west England!

The reason our customers love us so much is because of our values: to be as professional, great value, efficient and friendly as possible. That goes all the way from when you first contact us, through to our quoting and tendering, building works, and after-care & checking back on everyone we help with our services!

We’ve completed a great deal of projects in Bolton and the north-west, from basement conversions with study rooms to extensions with bars. Garage conversions with gyms to loft conversions with new bedrooms. Kitchen, bathroom and whole property renovations and lots more besides! 

We can perform basically every kind of building work you need, so if you have an improvement you want to make to your property, but aren’t sure how to go about it, then we’re here for you! Give us a call now on 01111111111 to have a no obligation chat and we’ll let you know what the best course of action is for you and how we can help you out achieve your dream home!

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At Bolton Builders, no matter what kind of building project you need doing, we know you’re looking for a builders team that follow our values of efficiency, friendliness, professionalism, fantastic value and great design. We want every customer we work with to be so happy with our services that we don’t need to put advertising out as our customers will sign our praises and recommend and refer us enough!

When it comes time to provide you a quote, we make sure that our quote is truthful, doesn’t have any costs hidden in there and we charge you what we say we will in the quote. We take as long to do the project as we tell you before we start, all of our builders on site are professional and discreet, especially in your private spaces at home, can communicate well and are friendly without being over-bearing. For us, this is all part of the service of building you a new extension or conversion!

When we say we’re Bolton’s best builders, we really mean it because we believe our unique mix of values make us the best. Ask any of our beloved customers!

At your first contact with us, one of our customer care team will speak to you, after they get some general details from you, one of our project managers will quickly return your call and have a short chat with you about what you’d like done in your home, how we can help you manifest your vision, whether it’s feasible, and what challenges or limits we’ll be facing.

If we’re both happy with what the other has to say, then we’ll arrange a time that suits you to see your property and go through some more details of what needs to be done to achieve your dream. If all goes well, the project manager will write draw up a quotation, plans and timings for your work!

Quoting can be a bit of a sensitive topic for some companies, but not for us. We’re always very upfront and honest with you when it comes to our quotes and pricing, so we often seem more expensive than other companies at first glance.This is because we don’t hide costs in our quotations however. Many companies are known to do this, such as not accounting for the cost of first and second fix plumbers and electricians, and then charging you more than they’ve been charged for a bit of extra pocket money! You’ll then often pay out much more than you were originally quoted and becoming anxious as costs keep spiralling. We always list all of our costs so you have a true document of the cost to complete the works and don’t have to worry throughout the project!

If you’re happy with what we’ve sent to you at this point, then we’ll get on site and start our work for you! Any projects we undertake that allow you to still occupy the property while the works are taking place - such as with an extension, landscaping or a garage conversion, will be done with the utmost care to enable you to live comfortably. 

Our team is always friendly, respectful of you and your personal space and are always approachable if you have any questions for them! We want to make sure you feel safe with them working around you and if you ever don’t, we make sure we’re on the other end of the phone for you should any problems arise!

We’ll always endeavour to make sure our time-frame follows what we drew up and informed you of during the quotation process. It’s important to bear in mind though, that at times unforeseen challenges can arise, but we’ll always communicate with you what the situation is, how we plan to fix it, and how much time it will add onto the project.

After the end of our project, once we’ve finished your works, comes the final piece of the puzzle, making sure that the finished product is what you first imagined when you spoke to us about your new conversion, extension or renovation! Our check-backs are very important to us as they are an opportunity to make sure you are happy, fix any problems you might have & gain important feedback from yourself about us and our team!

While our company has been working for years in the north-west on all kinds of building projects, loft conversions are where we first really started along the path of property development! What this means is we know loft conversions inside and out! We know how to not only give you a great looking space, but one that you will love spending time in, and be the envy of everyone in your neighbourhood! While there are a few types of loft conversion you can choose from, there are 4 types that are overwhelmingly the most popular here in Bolton and the UK in general and each of them has pros & cons making each of them good for different situations:


Dormer Loft Conversion - These are the most common type of loft conversion found in Bolton and the wider UK. These are easy to spot from far away as they have a flat roof, either covering the whole roof or just over a window or two. They are a mid-tier costing conversion and add a good amount of headroom into your space, as well as conventional, flat windows. Usually they create 2 or 3 extra rooms in your loft and commonly are used for a bedroom and en-suite. At times, a small balcony can be added onto these conversions.

Mansard Loft Conversion - Mansard conversions are the other mid-tier type of loft conversion you can have in your home. They are made by adding a second slope onto your roof, creating the effect from the ground that you still have a standard roof, while adding much more space into your loft and adding windows in for good measure! Unfortunately due to the relatively complex structural work they require, they often take longer than any other type of loft conversion and almost always need planning permission. They do add about the same amount of rooms as a Dormer, with only very slightly less space.

Velux Loft Conversion - The cheapest and quickest of the 4 main types of conversion, Velux conversions consist of skylight windows, insulating the loft and roof, renovating and decorating for the kind of room you need and not much else! As they usually don’t need any kind of serious construction work, they very rarely need planning permission to undertake which saves even more money and time!

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion - Finally, the most expensive type of loft conversion is a Hip to Gable. These are available on end of terrace, semi-detached or detached houses and give you the most amount of room you can have from a loft conversion. This is done by raising the end sloping roof to a flat surface and adding tons of extra space in the form of a few extra rooms. If your council allows during planning permission, you could even turn one of the sloped sides into a dormer to go along with it! Of course these also take the most amount of time as they require us to do a fair amount of construction work.

While we will always do our best to lower the cost and time needed to complete your loft conversion in Bolton, these both always depend on the circumstances that arise and can raise or lower, so we’ll always keep you informed, even while the work is continuing!

Often our building team in Bolton will be hired to construct extensions. We usually have no trouble adding extensions onto homes, as long as there is enough space for the needed extension and that planning permission can be acquired! Size and scope of a job is never a limitation for us, unlike some Bolton builders, so if you’re concerned about the size of yours, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anyway! 

Extensions are a great way to add an extra room or two onto your home without having to go through the intrusive process of a basement conversion, or the length and disruption of a loft conversion! They are very good for adding an extra bedroom on the ground level for your elderly relatives or children, are very effective as a home studio or office and are great ways to build a man cave onto your home without making it a feature of the main house! Whatever it is you can think of, let us know and we’ll do what we can to accomodate your needs!

Often, if an extension is the first piece of construction you’re doing to your home, it’s only a single storey on the ground and doesn’t jut out past 3 metres from the back wall of your house, it won’t require planning permission to perform. While there can be more limitations at times, and depending on your specific area, these are the most common limitations to extensions without planning permission.

When it comes to cost, typical single-floor extensions are usually in the low end of the tens of thousands and usually only require 8-12 weeks to complete. Of course, depending on the situation and unforeseen challenges, this can change.

If you want to improve your home’s value without spending too much money and make your home a nicer place to be by introducing much more natural light into your ground floor, a conservatory might be the right choice for you! You also gain the benefit of being able to enjoy your garden while being protected from the elements!

Conservatories in Bolton are normally fairly cheap, only costing a few thousand, and only take a maximum of 2 months to complete usually. They also very rarely need planning permission before you start on them so the time from first talking to us to our check-back with you after our completed project is normally very short indeed!

If you only need a little extra space and don’t have a large budget for big changes to your property yet, then we would recommend getting a conservatory. While they may not seem like much, not only do they add a good amount of value to your home, but the natural light and openness they bring to your ground floor usually transforms your home for the better!

Kitchen renovations are a service we get asked for so often here at Bolton builders, we’ve actually wondered if we should devote an entire business just to them and nothing else! Every family often gets together in the kitchen, and we believe because of that, every kitchen should be an amazing space that you enjoy being in! A great kitchen makes you happier, healthier and wealthier as you’ll always want to be in there whipping up home cooked food!

Kitchen Renovations, like most other renovations, usually have a very short turn-around time for the amount of value they hold, at the same time they are cheap for what they do to a space, replacing, redecorating and renewing your tired old room! These reasons are probably why they are so popular In Bolton and all across the north-west. Our Bolton Builders team can do anything needed to complete a renovation, from redecorating the room, to sourcing and installing new equipment, adding windows and skylights, to moving around the plumbing and electrics to completely transform the room! 

No matter how grand your idea for a new kitchen may seem, we’re sure we can perform it! So if you’re thinking about refreshing your kitchen, call us today! We can have a brief chat with you about what you want from it and how you are likely to use it in the future - just for cooking? Entertaining guests? More of a social space for your family? - and we’ll figure out how we can help you!

While we are a builders team in Bolton, we look at landscaping as just another form of building - only instead of only using solid (usually man-made) materials, we’re also using nature and natural elements to do what we want! If you have an overgrown mess of a garden that you want to turn into a beautiful space you want to spend tons of time in, then we can help! We can take on landscaping through gardening, greenery, wooden designs, and pebbling, hardscaping, to create decks and social spaces and other bits and pieces, such as adding in a pool and all the accessories needed for it such as water drainage, cleaning etc!

When we first talk about your garden, our first question will always be “what do you want to do in it?” rather than “how do you want it to look?”. This is because we often find that if we start from how you’ll be using the space, it creates much longer-lasting and loved gardens than by designing how you want it to look. After all, flowers can be replanted, but ripping out hard decking or a pool and replacing it with something else is much more difficult to do! 

So, what do you want to do with your garden? Do you need a pool? Do you want a grilling area to entertain your family and friends in the summer? Do you just want to sit on a bench and watch nature fly by, with butterflies and bumblebees among Lavender? Call us now and we’ll have a chat!