What can a basement conversion in Bolton give you?

If you have a home with a basement in Bolton that you never use except to chuck some stuff into as a storage space, then a basement conversion might be exactly what you need! Whether you already have a loft conversion and extension or not, making efficient use of your space is always a good idea!

While there are a ton of things you can do with your garage conversion - and we’re sure you’re already coming up with ideas! - specific types of rooms work incredibly well because of the unique nature of a basement! Here’s a short list of our most popular requests:

Home Office or Study: As basements are below ground, they make excellent buffers against the hustle and bustle of the outside world! They are calm and peaceful and can be a great place to really focus on your work without distraction. Though the basement is underground, we can install lighting that makes the place feel bright and airy and can install windows, and in some cases, even skylights or windowed ceilings to gain more natural light! Of course we can get bespoke furniture made, delivered and fitted and give you a desk moulded to your shape! Finally, if needs be, we can even install a seperate entrance to the street for your basement conversion in case you want to hold professional appointments there and keep them separated from the rest of the house!

Extra Bedroom: When it comes to needing extra space in a home, the reason is usually to accommodate a growing family with an extra bedroom, and basement conversions can be a great way to get one! Lighting and windows can be added, just as with a home office to make the place feel brighter, while allowing the room to be incredibly cosy at night once the lights are off. Damp, cold and heat will also never be a problem in the room as we insulate and proof it against the elements. It also has the benefit of the sound-proofing a basement adds, so there’s no problem with listening to music in there!

Gym: As basement conversions are so sturdy and acoustically shielded, they make fantastic areas for a gym! Their natural sound-proofing means you don’t bother the rest of the house or your neighbours with weight dropping, music playing or any other loud noises. On another note, the room can be outfitted however you want it to be, with specialist equipment, weights and machines, special flooring and lighting, music systems, air conditioning and anything else you might want! If you’ll be using your gym to train your personal training clients, then as with a home office, we can also set up a separate street entrance just to your basement gym conversion! In these cases, a basement gym conversion can very quickly pay for itself!

Recording / Artist’s or photography studio: We can adapt your basement conversion however you need it, which can be perfect for a home studio of any kind! If you know how you’d want it fitted and kitted out, and even have it down to knowing which lights you want and where, then we can take care of that for you! The basement will be naturally sound-proofed, but we can add even more, we can light it however you need, even build a small alcove as a changing room or anything else you can think of besides!

Coming up with ideas for your brand new basement conversion in Bolton yet? If so, give us a call and lets have a chat!

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While basement conversions are a less common request for us, we can still complete them in an efficient manner, just as with all of our other building projects! There are a few things that you need to bear in mind when thinking of this question though as knowing how long your basement conversion will take comes down to a number of factors. The first being if you already have a liable, insulated space in the basement and just want to renovate and change it a bit, or if it’s an afterthought in the property and you want to lower the floor to allow for more headroom and build it out a bit.

If you were to ask us to turn your already liveable (but probably storage!) room into a different room and add just a bit of insulation, your basement conversion could be done very quickly, in just 4-6 weeks! Especially if you’re turning it into a room without any water outlets, such as a home office, study or bedroom!

The biggest addition to the time for a basement conversion in Bolton is if you want to increase the headroom in there. The problem being that we would actually have to dig down into the earth, lay new foundations, secure the floor, then reinstall flooring. This all takes time due to waiting for elements to settle, concrete to dry and cure, getting equipment in and out etc. In this case, you’d also have to apply for planning permission beforehand, which will be another time-sink!

When it comes to planning permission for your basement conversion, you likely won’t need it if you’re doing a simple renovation and re-fit unless you’re dramatically changing doorways and windows. However, if you’re doing any kind of structural work like changing the dimensions of the basement to give yourself more space, or adding in seperate entrances, you most likely will need planing permission! If you have some ideas about what you want to do with your basement conversion, but aren’t sure if you’d need planning permission, it’s probably best to speak with your local council first as they can advise you best!

If you are looking to change the shape or size of your basement, lower the floor, add another room onto it or install a separate entrance, then your basement conversion can take anything up to 6 months depending on just how much work you want done! As we mentioned earlier, this is because construction work takes time and there are periods where all we can do is wait for things to settle, dry, bond and hold. In many cases the extra wait can be worth it, but we’d always be upfront with you about how long we think something would take. We’re always honest, even if we don’t think you’ll like the sound of it!

If you’ve got ideas for your basement conversion, and want a general timescale that you’d need, then get in touch with us today! We can answer your questions and give you a brief run-down of what to expect and the time we think it’ll take.

Just as difficult as nailing down a proper timeframe for your basement conversion, is trying to name a cost for it! Every basement will be different, and every one of our customers will have different needs they want met by their new basement. An obvious thought to bear in mind is that the more you want done, the more expensive it will be! However, here’s a list of the 4 major contributing factors to the cost of your basement conversion:

Structural changes: If you want more headroom in your new basement, then we’d have to lower the floor and this can get pretty expensive! Not only would we require much more time to change your basement, due to the digging, underpinning, testing, levelling and new flooring, which has an extra cost when it comes to labour; we’d need specialist equipment, materials and sub-contracting too!

Plumbing and electrics: As with most other types of building works, when moving any water features or electrics around, we’d have to hire plumbers and electricians twice - for first and second fixes, in order to attach everything to the new room. These tradesmen can get quite expensive as they are in demand with specialist skills and industry standard qualifications! We’d almost always need to hire an electrician due to lighting, electrical sockets and the like,but if you’re planning on putting an en-suite into your basement, this will be at a fairly large cost!

Changing entrances or window locations: As these tasks require us to do construction work in the form of knocking through walls and at times, solid earth, then re-building, they will add costs onto the conversion. We’d have to spend a lot more time on your property, hire the specialist equipment we need to knock through only parts of your structure, and have extra workers on site. We’d also need to proof and secure all of these modifications to the space which is another cost!

Adding on extra floors and rooms: Finally, the least asked for service we get asked for are to dramatically increase the size of basement conversions, in the form of rooms and extra storeys. You’ll very rarely get planning permission for these, unless you’re in a fairly remote location or own a lot of land around you. If you’re lucky enough to get permission, then they will cost a lot of money! While we have ways of saving money and then pass these savings onto you, you have to bear in mind, it’s more difficult to build down into the ground, then it is to build up! We’d have to dig, reinforce, water-proof, insulate, test and finish this space in a way that’s more rigorous than just building an extra floor to your home! However, if you’re looking for something specific, like a large underground pool, or a garage to store collectors vehicles in, then a basement conversion might be your only choice!

When estimating costs for your own basement conversion, we would suggest seeing how many square feet you have, and setting aside £700 - £1,000 for every square meter you want to change, which will include all the decoration and furnishings you might need! A good rule of thumb is if you just want a renovation, £10,000 should do the job, but if you’re looking for structural work, then set aside a few more tens of thousands. If you’re looking for a basement conversion that holds an extra storey, has dedicated rooms, plumbing and a separate entrance, then think of it as building a new home and set your budget accordingly!

If you know generally what you want for your basement conversion but you’re concerned about the price you think it’ll be, then make sure to contact us today! We can best advise you on how much we think it’ll cost as an estimate and suggest cost-saving measures to you if you need them!