How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Bolton?

If you’re looking to start renovating your home, but want to start with a cheaper one to take small steps, then a bathroom renovation is a fantastic choice for you! Although bathroom renovations need a lot of water proofing and plumbing and at times, some construction work, they don’t need the same involved construction that loft and cellar conversions need. They also don’t need a lot of the sourcing that a kitchen renovation needs, with appliances, worktops and surfaces etc.

A bathroom renovation in Bolton will normally cost between £3,000 and £7,000, and this of course is dependant on how exactly you want the bathroom to look once it’s finished.

Normally you’ll find the biggest cost is from if you want under-floor heating in your new bathroom and the materials you want to use. If you want bespoke items such as a floating bath, a specific shower alcove, a rainfall shower, or any other unique items, these will set you back a fair amount. Another cost is how much glass you’d like to use in your bathroom, as this has to be specially designed to withstand the quick temperature changes from running hot water etc. Next is the cost of 1st and 2nd fix plumbing if you want to move your water outlets; sinks, shower, bath, toilet etc. This can cost anything from £700 to £900.

The last biggest cost of a kitchen renovation is the final tidy and clean up. We’ll have to hire a skip and a cleaning team to make sure that all of your work doesn’t leave a mess in your home and all materials are disposed of responsibly!

If you’re thinking about getting a kitchen renovation, it’s always best to start from what your budget is. If you know you only have a couple of thousand to spend on your new bathroom, it might be better to just get a painting and decorating team in! However, if you can spend at least £4,000 and you know how much you have, stick to that budget! We’ll be upfront with you every step of the way, so you can know if you want to add additional bits and pieces during the work, or want to switch to cheaper materials to keep costs down! If this all sounds appealing to you and you know you have enough to spend on a new bathroom, get in touch with us now!

Bolton Builders - Bathroom Renovations Bolton
Bolton Builders - Bathroom Renovations in Bolton

With bathroom renovations, how long they will take can be a very important question for you if your home only has one and no separate toilet room, because you won’t be able to use it while we’re working on it! This means we realise just how important it is that you get an accurate and realistic time frame for how long your bathroom renovation will take! When we send you our quote, we’ll be upfront and open with you about how long we think it’ll take, so that you can sort out other arrangements while the work is going on.

Our team has been renovating bathrooms for decades, so we’ve become very quick and efficient at doing them without sacrificing speed for quality. On average, a bathroom renovation will take us about a 1 week - 2 weeks to complete. Of course this depends on just how much you want to change in your bathroom. If you want to move around parts that use water, such as the sinks, bath, shower, toilet etc. These would require drastic changes to the plumbing in the room which can take a long time to do as we need to hire specialists to do the first and second fix plumbing! If you also want to add or move electrical sockets and lights, this may also add extra time in the form of first and second fix lighting.

If you’re simply looking for a retiling or repainting, this should take less than a week at most!

Whether you want an entire replan or just a bit of a refresher, we can help you out! Our bathroom renovations are quick, value for money and professional. Get in touch with us today and lets start working on your new bathroom!