What rooms can I turn my extension into in my Bolton home?

Of course an extension can be turned into almost any room you can think of, with the only limitations being the amount of space you have available, and what you can dream up! If you know you want more space, but you’re struggling to figure out what exactly you should have in there, here’s a list of our most popular requests!

New bedroom - As extensions are on the ground floor (though we can do 2 storey extensions!), this makes them easily accessible for kids, elderly & disabled people, or just those that struggle with stairs! They can be installed with skylights and natural windows to give them lots of natural light, or they can be made to be darker & cosier if that helps you sleep better!

Home office - While there’s something to be said for working from home, it can often be difficult to take off your “relaxing at home” hat and put on your “work mode” hat. Building a home office into your home’s extension creates a sort of separation that allows you to easily work without getting distracted by the TV, couch or fridge! You can walk in, shut the door and focus entirely on your work!

Recording studio/Atelier - As with a home office, a studio in an extension is a fantastic idea because of the separation it allows you. At the same time, we can build extensions that have tons of light using lots of windows and lighting specially designed to improve recording. We can also sound-proof certain sections of the extension if need be, for voice-recording without any disruptive noises from the outside! As always, if you have any specific requirements for us, please feel free to ask and we’ll let you know what we can do!

Gym - As extensions are on the ground floor, it means they have a stable base against the ground. This can make them fantastic for home gyms, as you won’t be damaging the floor of your house by dropping weights. We can also sound-proof your extension so that you can play music and throw around kilos without any fear of disturbing your neighbours! We can build specialist platforms for olympic lifting, install equipment you already have, build a sound system for you, and lay down non-slip rubber matting around! We can adapt your gym to whatever you’ll be using it for the most!

Man Cave/Bar/Hobby Room - Another popular request we get for our extensions are hobby holes, where a certain member of the family can spend time to their heart’s content filled with whatever they want! We’ve installed home cinemas for some people, and bars to entertain in for others; games rooms for kids and libraries for adults. Anything you can think of where you’d like the activity separated from the rest of the house can be put into an extension!

If you’re starting to dream up an idea for your new extension, then get in touch with us and we’ll go through with you how we can help you out!

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If you’re thinking of getting an extension in Bolton, but you’re worried about the cost and if it’s worth it, you need to bear in mind something important. As long as you’re not creating a very specialist room, they will more often than not add tons of extra value onto your home, with the right extension, even being at least 3 times more than what you paid for it! This is often the case with bedrooms, home offices and studies as they are used by almost everyone! 

When it comes to the cost of extensions in Bolton, the majority of it goes into labour, materials needed and the construction skillsets that we use to build a new wing onto your property. Next, there’s the cost of fittings and furnishings; depending on the type of room you need, this could add a dramatic amount to the cost needed. For example, a simple home office will be much cheaper to fit than a specialised gym with a sound system, sound-proofing, equipment and rubber flooring! What we see on average is £1,600 to £2,600 for every square meter you want to add, including fittings and furnishings. This is often cheaper per square meter than if you wanted to get a new loft conversion! We have years of experience building extensions of all kinds across the north-west, and have built up relationships with suppliers all over the area, so we can often source materials for cheaper than other companies!

If you’re looking at an average cost for a single-storey extension in Bolton, we’ve found it’s around £19,500 altogether. One important note is that if you know you want a second-story on your extension, it’s much cheaper to build both storeys at the same time, which will only add an extra £10,000 onto the cost at an average. If you build the first storey, then build the second a year later, it will cost around £20,000 more instead! This is because we’d have to remove the current roof of the extension before building the next storey, and replace it again, adding much more time, work and materials needed to the job! 

If you have an idea for your extension and want to have a quick, general estimate of how much it would cost, then feel free to give us a call and we can discuss it with you!

The time needed to build an extension is usually the main drawback of them! While they can be cheaper than a loft conversion, they often take a few weeks more than a loft conversion would! Extensions need a bit of construction work that loft conversions don’t, for example, they need foundations laid down and closed up! A one storey extension in Bolton usually takes an average of 6 to 12 weeks, with the average being in the 8 - 9 week range. If you’re building a 2 storey extension, it’ll be more along the lines of 10 to 18 weeks instead.

Our team has years of experience building extensions all over Bolton and the north-west, and we’ve dealt with every problem possible at this point! What this means for you is we’re usually much quicker at getting extensions done than other building companies in Bolton, without cutting corners and taking shortcuts! We just have a good idea of what needs to be done when, so we have systems in place to make our work as efficient as possible!

So if you have your dream extension in mind, get in touch with us now and we’ll get started on making your dream come true!