How we renovate kitchens in Bolton

As with any building service we perform in Bolton when we first talk about your new kitchen, we’ll first ask you what exactly you plan to do with your space once it’s completed. We think how you’ll be using the space is much more important starting point than what you want it to look like, as it allows us to start from building the layout for the kitchen. The layout usually informs design and decoration decisions in a much better way than vice versa! If you’ve said that you want a table for your family to eat together, then we’ll need to make sure to keep space free for that, while any specialist equipment such as rice cookers or coffee machines will also need their own space!

If we’re both happy to proceed, we’ll then start drawing up a plan, design and quote, this is made by visiting your property, using what we’ve said in our discussions, and figuring out realistic costs and time frames for the work. If you’re happy with what you’ve seen, we’ll then start! 

First we’ll take out all the cupboards, base units, worktops and any other hard surfaces, then the flooring. Next, we do a first fix and move all the electrics, plumbing and drainage to new locations if needed, to get ready for where they’ll be placed in the new kitchen. 

The next step is putting in the new floors for your kitchen! If you’ve asked for under-floor heating, then we’ll begin by installing this. Then, we’ll lay down the actual floor, this could be made from anything; wood, tiling, non-slip rubber mats; we just don’t recommend putting carpeting down in your kitchen, apart from a rug or two! Once the floorings done, we start installing the new base units, worktops, islands and anything else you’ve asked for, as well as electrical outlets for your appliances! Then comes the second fix electrics, which actually connects your new electrical wiring to your new lighting and electrical sockets, making them useable!

Then we fit your new top & work surfaces. We start with those connected to the wall, and work our way towards the centre, finishing with the island surfaces. Next is the second fix plumbing, which installs water and drainage pipes to your sinks, washing machine and anything else required. Then comes installing any appliances you want in your kitchen; the fridge and freezer, oven, stoves, extractor fans and specialist equipment you’ve asked for. Finally, our last job on site is to tile, paint and decorate the space for you!

We don’t finish there however; we always make sure that after we finish a job, we check back on you a few weeks later, just to make sure you’re overjoyed with your new kitchen! If not, and you have any concerns, or unforeseen problems, then we’ll do our best to fix those for you!

Are you looking to renovate your tired old kitchen? Then get in touch with us now and let us help you out!

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When it comes to how much kitchen renovations cost, this can be a bit more difficult to estimate on this page than other types of building work. This is because their cost often depends greatly on what you want in your new kitchen. If you’re looking for a simple, utilitarian space for you and your family, this will be much cheaper than if you want a busy space with the works like islands, hanging lights, espresso machines connected to the water system and under-floor heating!

If you want to talk about a typical kitchen renovation with just a regular washing machine, fridge & freezer, simple cupboards, an electric oven with four stoves and one sink, then it will cost about £5,000 to £10,000, which depends on the materials you want to use in your new kitchen and how large it is. If you’d rather have a fantastic new kitchen with all mod-cons and aren’t too worried about the cost of it, then we can also create this for you too! While it will be more expensive, we’ll always be as upfront and honest with you as possible in our quote, and will normally come out to a cheaper cost than most other companies can do because of our relationships with suppliers!

If you’ve got your new kitchen in mind, it’s always a good idea to know your budget before you commit to getting one. If you have anything less than £4,000, then unfortunately we won’t be able to do much, so it’s probably a much better idea for you to try and find a DIY solution for your kitchen renovation! We will of course be available to give you a bit of specialist knowledge and answer questions over the phone if you need it! Generally, it’s a good idea to have at least £7,000 set aside for your new kitchen, that way you can be sure you have enough for us to start working on it and a little bit extra if you decide you want some additional bits and pieces during our work!

Usually, the biggest cost of a new kitchen renovation is the first and second fix electrics and plumbing. As we’ve described on this page, this is when we move the electrics, plumbing and drainage to match up with the new layout of the kitchen. The reason this task costs so much is because of the cost of hiring the electricians and plumbers that have specialist skills. Other large costs are moving constructed items in your kitchen, like windows and doors and installing island stations, especially when they contain stovetops.

If you want to save as much money as possible with your new renovation, the best thing to do is stick with the existing floor plan of your kitchen and redecorating rather than replanning. The second best thing is to keep your current appliances - fridge freezer, washing machine etc.

As a final note on the cost of kitchen renovations in Bolton, while they may seem like a large expense just to change your kitchen a little bit, nothing beats the joy of a new kitchen in your home! They also are proven to improve the value of your home, so if you get one, when you decide to sell your home it would have paid for itself as long as it’s fairly recent!

Our builders team in Bolton have been renovating kitchens in Bolton and the north-west for years, which means we have a great deal of experience making beautiful new kitchens! This experience has given us an efficiency many other companies don’t have, which means we are usually quicker than others to the tune of a week or two. This also saves you money as you won’t have to pay for as much labour! Generally, our kitchen renovations take 4-6 weeks from the first day on site to the last one! The process can start long before this however as you decide what exactly you’d like in your new kitchen renovation!

The biggest addition to the time your kitchen renovation will take is just how much you want to change during your renovation. Any extra construction work such as changing location of doors and windows or adding more will be the biggest reason for a longer time. Re-planning by moving around sinks, work surfaces and electrical outlets would also take some time. 

If you want to use any specific, unique or rare materials in your kitchen, then this will also take extra time, as we’ll have to source these uncommon materials, get them delivered and maybe adapt and cut on site. For certain types of material this will of course take a while!

If you’re interested in getting your kitchen renovated, we do believe we’re the best building team in Bolton, so get in touch with us now and we’ll outline how long we think yours will take from a quick, no obligation chat!