Why we’re your best choice for a loft conversion in Bolton

At Bolton Builders, loft conversions across the north-west have been our bread and butter for years, what this means for you is that we have a massive wealth of experience to draw from when we perform our loft conversions! That means we are incredibly efficient with our work due to the systems we have in place, skills that comes as second nature to most of our team and great relationships we have with our suppliers. At the same time, our team is respectful of your boundaries while we are in your home, but if you do ever have any questions for us, we are always open to being approached and can communicate well with you to answer your questions.

We are proud that we can call ourselves one of the best loft conversion companies in the north-west as we have left so many happy customers in our wake who can’t stop singing our praises. We make it our aim to not only do a fantastic job on your project, but also to leave you happy with all aspects of our service!

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In the UK, there are four main types of loft conversion that can be found in almost any conversion; Velux, Dormer, Mansard and Hip to Gable. You can also mix and match these, for example, on an end of terrace house you can put together a hip to gable with a double dormer, or have a double dormer and turn the end roof into a roof terrace. While each of them all have pros and cons, they will all give your home more value, more space in the form of extra rooms and more variety in the types of rooms! When deciding which loft conversion you want, it comes down to a few questions you need to answer: how much extra room do you want, what is your budget, and how long do you plan for it to take?

Velux loft conversions: Velux conversions tend to be the fastest loft conversion we perform in Bolton, as well as the least expensive and the simplest, very rarely requiring planning permission. Their main drawback however is that they don’t add much extra space into your home. They only allow you to use your current loft space, as the structure of the roof isn’t changed by a Velux conversion, it just adds a skylight window into your roof and makes the room liveable with insulation, reinforced flooring and at times, internal walls. If you’re looking for a very simple extra bedroom, or a semi-temporary solution for a problem until you can move into a new home, and don’t want to spend too much, these are your best choice!

Dormer loft conversions: The first of the roof structure changing conversions. Dormers are tell-tale in that they create a flat, vertical wall in your roof with a window, to carve out headroom for your new loft room. This will give your room tons of natural light in the form of a large window but will be more costly and take longer than a Velux loft conversion due to the construction required for it.

They will give you much more extra room than a velux conversion will, typically in the form of one more room, extra headroom, and extra space inside the loft, due to not losing tons of space to a sloping roof. You can even turn your Dormer’s window into a balcony, which will let you step out into the weather if you so choose! Dormers typically are made to house suite bedrooms, with the bedroom contained in the flat walled room, and the ensuite in the sloped room.

Mansard Loft Conversions: These conversions allow you to keep the aesthetics of having a roof at the same time as allowing you extra headroom and space in your conversion, almost as much as a Dormer! That’s because instead of giving you flat, vertical walls, Mansards give you a roof that has two slopes on the same side, with the 2d being a 72 degree slope; enough to feel like it’s still vertical on the inside, and to look like a regular roof on the outside.

They can be quite costly however, usually costing more than any other option because of the specific construction needed. Mansards look fantastic, have tons of natural light, give you plenty of room and we believe they’re worth the extra effort, time and money required to complete!

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions: Finally, the last type of popular loft conversions are hip-to-gable conversions. If you have a detached house, or one that’s an end of terrace, Hip to Gables will always be the loft conversion we recommend to you first. These change the end part of your sloping roof to a vertical wall, much the same as with a dormer conversion. It doesn’t jut out however, and just looks as if the house was always designed that way. These are fantastic when they’re built alongside another conversion at the same time, for example, a hip to gable with a dormer conversion on the back side, and velux windows on the other. This can give you as many as 3 or 4 rooms depending on the size of your home and creates almost an entire extra floor of space.

Other types of loft conversion in Bolton: While those 4 were popular types, of course every home has its own unique shape and its own circumstances. We can build L shaped conversions, roof terraces, double mansards or anything else you can think of! So if you can think of something, get in touch with us today and we’ll see what we can do for you!

As stated above, we have many years of experience with loft conversions of all kinds, and that means not only are we efficient workers, but this efficiency shows itself in our pricing! When we quote you, we will do it with an aim to be the best value you can get in the area, at the same time as giving you exact, honest and upfront pricing that doesn’t hide any fees, once we’ve figured out all the nuances of your project.

While we can’t give you exact figures on this page for each type of loft conversion, as every project has its own specifics, we can give you price ranges that you’ll be looking at for each type of conversion!

The most expensive type of loft conversion available is a dormer loft conversion. As these typically need a lot of construction to turn into a loft that’s both roomy, light and beautiful, they usually cost the most out of all the types. The reason for this is because of the extra materials, skillsets and time needed to complete the structure built into your roof, at the same time as keeping the rest of your house safe and secure. Dormer loft conversions in Bolton will usually cost £35,000 - £60,000.

Mansard Loft Conversions: Mansards are the next most expensive type of conversion, usually coming in at £35,000 to £50,000. This does always depend on a few things such as the size of your roof, what you’d like to new conversion turned into and the decorations and furnishings you’re putting inside. They require slightly more details construction than dormer conversions, but don’t require quite so much material and construction time.

Hip to Gable conversions are a cheaper alternative to Dormers if you have an end of terrace or detached house, as these add much the same amount of room as a dormer, while not requiring quite as much work on construction. They usually cost in the region of £30,000 to £35,000. We usually recommend that if you’re getting one, you get a dormer or double dormer at the same time as it will save you a fair amount of money in the long run if you know you’ll get them in the future. As we’ll already have manpower on site taking care of the hip-to-gable, you can save on labour costs and things such as materials, petrol prices etc. If you went for a double dormer at the same time as your hip to gable, you could save in the region of £20-£40 thousands.

Velux loft conversions are the cheapest of all. They don’t need any kind of construction to the roof apart from emptying a space or a few in which to put skylight windows (usually Velux branded, hence the name). We will also need to insulate the room and reinforce the floor which is why they can be costly for the amount of room you get in them, coming in at around £12,000 to £20,000.

Out of all the house modifications you can undertake, loft conversions are the second quickest after garage conversions. The reason is that loft conversions don’t need us to build any new structures, instead we just have to change your existing ones into rooms that are liveable. Every loft conversions however, will require us to insulate the roof, reinforce the floor, and place in a means of access, usually in the form of a stairwell. These are what take up a fair chunk of the time needed for a loft conversion.

If all you’re looking for is a quick new bedroom for your child that’s growing up, Velux conversions can be the quickest, clocking in at only 4 to 6 weeks, with 4 and a half weeks being about the norm!

The next quickest conversions would be hip to gable loft conversions. All they need us to do is flatten the sloping end piece of the roof, and install a window or two, so they are usually done within 5-6 weeks.

Next we have Dormer conversions, as these require us to knock through the roof and rebuild as a vertical plane, they take a while longer than the previous two, due to the fact that we need to make sure they are stable and secure enough to withstand the elements, the same as your roof can.

Finally, the longest loft conversion you can undertake is a Mansard conversion. Unfortunately, while they look fantastic, these aesthetics come at a price of the time required for them. Due to the amount of complex construction needed to complete them, they need about 6-12 weeks to finish off completely, with 8/9 weeks being the typical time until finishing works.

As always, these are very specific to their circumstances, so if you’re thinking about getting a loft conversion but are concerned about the amount of time it’ll take, then give us a call today and we can ask you some questions and have a chat with you about what kind of timeline you can expect with your dream loft conversion!