When do I need structural works in Bolton?

While not one of our most popular services, we still get asked to perform structural works in Bolton and all over the north-west. We are one of the few building companies that do it, as we have experience working with steel, cement and other structural engineering materials. Structures naturally weaken over the years and require work to either reinforce, or rebuild and we can do these with a minimum or fuss, time and money!

There’s 4 main situations in which we get asked to perform structural works:

Buying or selling a home: This is when we’d most often get asked to perform structural works! When buying or selling a house, at some point a surveyor would have said that works need to take place to either rebuild or repair load-bearing walls or pillars, reinforcing the existing structure of the property or relay some of the foundations. Any number of factors can cause this work to be needed, usually damp, dry-rot, age or extreme weather changes, but many things can cause it!

Construction or property renovations: Whether you’re getting a conversion or a renovation that needs reinforcements, structural works and an engineer would be needed. Extensions  might need to be held steady with new foundations and be built from the existing framework of the house. Conversions might need the roof or flooring to be reinforced. Renovations might need to knock through a load bearing wall and that load would need to be shifted elsewhere.

Disaster or emergencies: Usually due to flash flooding, your building’s structure could suffer serious damage from freak weather events. This is especially common near river mouths or the coast line. Most often, this will hit the foundations and the roots of the external walls of your home, as well as rotting the floor reinforcements throughout the ground floor.

Outsourcing: We also take on outsourcing work from other businesses and clients if they are unable or unwilling to perform the nitty-gritty of structural engineering. Our business has a dedicated crowd of clients that can sing our praises for how good a job we do! We pride ourselves on being professional, efficient, timely and great value-for-money!

As we’ve worked on structural works for almost as long as we’ve been in business, we can get a hold of wood, timber, steel, concrete and any other structural materials we need for fantastic prices, and we always pass these savings onto you! We have systems in place to get our work done very quickly and efficiently and we always perform check-backs on all of our customers!

Bolton Builders - Structural Works in Bolton
Bolton Builders - Structural Works Bolton

With structural works, unfortunately, due to the massive range of different works there could be, it’s hard to give you an estimated timeline. Generally though, there are a few main factors to take into account with the timeline:

The size of the project and what it entails: If you’re looking to get a new build and need the foundations, flooring, structures, load-bearing walls and the like, then you would be looking at a few months worth of work! However, if you’re more on the end of getting an external wall reinforced due to an accident, then you’d only be looking at a couple of weeks! The bigger the job, the longer the time!

The materials we’ll be working with: When it comes to structural work, generally, wood can be worked with very quickly. All it needs is to be cut to shape and size, secured, then cured or proofed if needed! Concrete takes a little bit longer, due to the fact that it needs timber to be cut into a temporary framework, concrete poured into this framework, then left to be set and cured (which usually takes 48 hours, but if needed in an industrial capacity is left for 28 days). Finally, metal takes the longest amount of time to work with as it can be difficult to mould and shape metals such as steel and iron without damaging their integrity.

Solo project or a part in a series: If structural works are just part of an ongoing project we have in your home, for example, lowering the floor in a basement conversion, or shoring up a wall when renovating, then due to the efficiencies of already having labour and materials onsite, the work will get done very quickly indeed - and other tasks can be done while waiting for concrete to set etc., saving even more time! However, if you only need us to come in to fix a damaged part of the house from a flood, then it will take longer, as we need to move equipment, manpower and materials over etc.

Normally, structural work within residential properties can be broken down into 4 types, starting from the top:

Roofing: During a loft conversion, we can reinforce the roof to stop it from falling down, while at the same time if your conversion is going through the supporting structure and roof rafters, we can move and change those as needed for your new loft. During new builds, we can also create the supporting roof structure for finishing down the road!

Propping: Usually, if a building is damaged badly and won’t keep standing for more than a few weeks, we’ll perform some propping. This boils down to keeping the building held up by temporary (or sometimes permanent if becoming part of a new structure!) structure called a prop. This literally props the structure up for us to do other work like re-laying foundations or replacing the bottoms of walls!

Walls: Speaking of walls, we can reinforce or re-build walls, whether they are load-bearing or not! If need be, we can even remove them completely if you want to open up two rooms into one large one, and shift the weight of the floor above to somewhere else. We’ll keep the structure secure while removing the wall, and then take the supports away when the structure is steady! When it comes to external walls, we can also create new walls for extensions or conservatories, and create walling and decking for a garden.

Foundations: Finally, where a building begins; the foundations. We can do this for new builds and create a brand new foundation from scratch, including digging into the earth, laying the formwork, then removing once the concrete is in place. If the foundations in an existing property need to be replaced or reinforced, then we can also do that too! While the process is much more tricky, we have years of experience with structural works in Bolton and the north-west and you can be happy in the knowledge you’re in a safe pair of hands with us! We can also take care of lowering the floor level in a basement and under-pinning too!

Whether you need some structural work that’s on this list, or something that isn’t on it, get in touch with us! We’ve done every kind of building work there is at this point and there’s nothing left that can stump us. We’ve got many happy customers we can refer you to if you need some convincing, and we promise you we are fantastic value for money!